Tuesday, June 21, 2022

2022July1-10 Trip Plan

Jul 01 (Fri) - 06:00

Depart @YEG Edmonton -  relax and prepare 

Important things to bring: Passport, Arrive Can

Wednesday, April 14, 2021

May Long Weekend Trip

Let's go!

May 21, Friday evening drive to Calgary

Pie Junkie - HOME - Pie Junkie

Tokyo Street Market - Tokyo Street Market Calgary | Authentic Japanese Food

Having food and relax at Wingate hotel :)

May 22, Saturday morning drive to Canmore


1. Going to Grotto Canyon Trail Parking Lot - about 2 hrs. hike 

Grotto Canyon | Canmore Kananaskis (explorecanmore.ca)

2. Back to Canmore town, checking in hotel and possible easy hiking:

Engine Bridge at Spur Line Trail or Bow River Trail (depends on time and energy)

Canmore Engine Bridge - HistoricBridges.org

Bow River Loop - Alberta, Canada | AllTrails

May 23, Sunday morning  drive to Heart Mountain Horseshoe (Hard!!!)

This trail is hard but wonderful, ranking on the top of Canmore hikes.

May 23, Monday morning  drive to Haling Peak, then Grassi Lakes

This will be 4th time to climb Haling Peak, ChinaMan's Peak, yeah.

Check some pictures at my Chinese blog for the previous three time:

Tuesday, December 29, 2020

Merry Christmas

This Christmas was awesome and our two daughters were back with us together.

There is Chinese saying: 女儿-前世情人今生袄!which could be translated by google: daughter is Past life lover and present life jacket, haha, pretty bad translation.

Anyway our older daughter bought thoughtful gifts for us and the younger one made quite delicious food, here are some pictures to prove:))

We setup Blue Curve internet router and sonos one speaker.

Tuesday, December 12, 2017








1.    提高管理组的素质,力争管理人员能够:出谋划策,组织活动,活动骨干,技术交流等。

2.    建议旅游微信群只做VIP广告商的广告,并每次活动可以冠名。

3.   新年举办征集同乡会旅游梦想,可以和赞助商一起选择入围梦想并圆梦。

4.   每次活动举办有奖旅游征文竞赛。




1.    1月份~2月份泡泡湖,钓鱼

2.    3月份 峡谷Ice WalkBanff Jasper

3.    4月份  梦想之旅

4.    5月底 美国优胜美地 (一周左右)

5.    7月份 Lake Ohara kananaskis

6.    8月份 Mt.Robinson 野营

7.    9月份Jack lakeside campground

8.    10月份 Maligne




2018218 日同乡会新春晚会









7:00-7:30 布置会场(春字投影及过年音乐),会员注册,演员及发言人到场准备
开场大拜年 (8分钟)
会长,Jason及要人讲话开场词 (6分钟)
梨花颂 - 严老师(5分钟)
独唱 - 《Perfect》吴杰 (6分钟)
《春江花月夜》- 古筝马老师(5分钟)
旗袍秀 - 爱之韵老人组(5分钟)
合唱 - 绿茵社团 (6分钟)
钢琴独奏 - 严公子
扇霖舞 - 曹老师舞蹈团(4分钟)
功夫表演 - 娟子团(15分钟)
独唱 - 《一天到晚游泳的鱼》 - 刘上来 (6分钟)
萨尔瓦多舞 - 爱城五姐妹舞团 (10分钟)
旗袍 - 爱之韵(5分钟)


Wednesday, August 5, 2015

BC Trip Reminders

Time is close, some reminders for the trip:

Summer cloth, check Tofino weather during Aug 16~19, the temperature is low 13 to high 19.

Morning eat at hotel and lunch/supper could do restaurants, download Yelp app for food spotting.

all is set.

Drive (行)

GPS update
Edmonton to Kelowna - 9 hours (may take No2 from Banff, leave home early morning (7am)Kelowna to Tofino - 9 hours (better leaving early for ferry, 4 hours to ferry)
Take the Trans-Canada Hwy ferry to Nanaimo - Horseshoe Bay
Nanaimo Departure Bay Terminal to Tofino (3 hours)

Check the gas station, download gas buddy, need highest-grade gas:(((

Review the manual for How To: Changing a Spare Tire on an Audi

Replacing a tire on an Audi is very similar to most other manufactures and there are really only a few steps.

First remove the tire: While your vehicle is on the ground break the lug nuts loose but do not remove the lug nuts completely, you will then be able to lift (jack) up the vehicle.

After you have placed the jack in the proper lift location under the car, raise the vehicle and remove all 5 lug nuts and carefully remove the wheel (I empathize carefully because the average wheel and tire weigh about 25 LBS (Pounds).

Now you can take your spare and put it on and reinstall the 5 lug nut, but only tighten the lug nuts finger tight. At this point lower the vehicle and torque the lug nuts to the manufactured recommended specs making sure to use the star technique – tighten one lug nut then tighten the lug nut across from it not beside it, hence the star analogy.

Congratulations you have just successfully changed a tire on your Audi – now drive it into your local Audi dealer and have them check the work and reset your tire pressure monitoring system.

Help is just a call away.

For immediate assistance anywhere in Canada or the U.S., call 24-Hour Roadside Assistance toll-free at: 1-800-411-9988

Friday, May 1, 2015

Tofino Tours

The most interesting Tofino tour is Host Springs Cove.

Take airplane or boat, we plan to take boat tour which includes whales watching, hiking along beach and hot spring.

There are too many options, do we want go with small or big group?

1. Tofino Water Taxi 250.725.8844 info@TofinoWaterTaxi.com
80 West Street (Grice Road Pier), Tofino, V0R 2Z0 View on map
check many tours at http://tofinowatertaxi.com/

Hot Springs Cove Tour

We often see whales and other wildlife on this scenic cruise along 26 nautical miles of gorgeous coastline. A 1.2 km boardwalk winds through temperate rainforest and brings you to the Maquinna Provincial Park natural hot springs. Change rooms provided. There’s no store, so bring your water, food, bathing suit, and towel.  $119(adult) – $109 (student) – $89 (youth)
( 6 hours: Departures daily all year 9:00am 12:00pm)

2. Adventure Tofino - this might be what we want, they also provide rooms if we could get.
250.725.2895 info@adventuretofino.com Tofino, V0R 2Z0
check many tours at http://www.adventuretofino.com/hot-springs

Hot Springs Soak

This 6-6.5 hour day trip will give you a deep impression of the beauty of Tofino’s West Coast and its wildlife.

A 1.5 to 2 hr boat-ride will take you to the remote Hot Springs, located in the Macquinna Provincial Park. Hike a 1.5 km Boardwalk through the impressive rainforest with its old growth trees. The trail will lead you to the Springs, where you can enjoy the geothermal Pools, the waterfall and the incredible view of the ocean. Have a relaxing bath in the hot water (50C) or a refreshing bath in the cool ocean water.

On the way to the springs, we will try to see as much wildlife as possible. We will stop for Whales, sea lions, seals, otters and bald eagles. You might even see a Bear along the way.

You get all in one Trip: exciting Wildlife, impressive Rainforest and relaxing Springs.

Don’t forget to bring lunch, water, towel and a bathing suit.

Departure: 9am or 2pm 

Rates: Adults: $129 

3. West Coast Aquatic Safaris 250.725.9227
info@whalesafaris.com 101 Fourth Street, Tofino, V0R 2Z0 View on map

Tour Time (Year Round)

Option 1: Boat Both Ways

Daily Departure at 8:00am, 11:30am & 2:30pm – Depending on demand (sunrise to sunset)
Duration: 6.5-7 hours
*Times vary throughout the season so for accurate up to date information please visit the “book your trip” section of the site and enter your dates of interest. Exact departure times will be displayed for all tours with availability.
Adults – $129.00 per-person
Seniors & Students – $119.00 per-person
Children 12 & under – $109.00 per-person

4. Browning Pass Charters 250.725.3435 
info@browningpass.com 890 Campbell St, Tofino, V0R 2Z0 View on map
Hot Springs Tour The Browning Passage yacht is the perfect way to visit the Hot Springs. This tour is a special charter as each trip is unique and we like to customize these trips. This is a longer trip and may be combined with whale watching. Make plans to bring along a dinner and refreshments and make yourself totally at home on our galley and BBQ.

Remote Passages Marine Excursions at
Heard that they offer discount when you book Best Western Tin Hotel!
See Also

Friday, April 24, 2015

2015 Summer BCTirp Hotels




1. Kelowna 途径这个一直要去但没去成的小镇,就多住一天check it out!
2. Tofino 住三晚,旅馆比米国还贵,难怪人称天朝的北戴河!
3. Vacounver 四晚,UBC,美食,看看三文鱼回流,就这样了!